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Good Fridays was created by the team behind Do Gooder, a digital advocacy platform that provides progressive campaigners with online tools to make the world a better place. We've been working for over two decades on ways to make our planet cleaner, farer and safer. This culminated in the Do Gooder digital platform which we built to even the playing field between the people and campaigners who seek change and those who would rather keep things as they are, or worse.

We've hosted thousands of campaigns on our platform and we noticed that the only campaigns that really made a long term imapct were those that were supported by movements of people from a diverse cross section of society. Campaigners know they can't do it alone. But building a massive support network is tough. Everyone's busy, and charities and NGOs all compete for our time and money.

That's where we come in. Well, actually you, because Good Fridays is made up of thousands upon thousands of people just like you (ut different!) who want to do more good but can't spare the time. We get it, we're all juggling life's demands and getting hammered with requests to support this or that. Like you, we try but we just don't get to a lot of it. I mean, who can right?!

That's what Good Fridays is about. Drop the guilt inducing lists your'e on and sign up to a once a week, high impact action. We curate the campaigns and you take action, follow up as much or as little as you want – all we ask is you help us make some noise before you head off to recharge your batteries for the weekend.

Our ultimate objective is to make democracy more representative and effective by making it far more participatory. Good Fridays has one purpose, to help you do good and to bring more people into the movement of movements that must form if we are to save our planet and create the better world that we know is possible, if only we'd act to make it so. - David Gravina, Founder

The team behind Good Fridays

Good Fridays is based in Sydney, Australia with team members dispersed around the world.

David Gravina – Founder, CEO Simon Meers – System Architect, CTO
Phil Wiltsher – Lead Developer Justin Clarke – Technical and Growth Advisor Kate Walsh – Strategy, Campaigner in residence
and you!

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