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We get it. You’re busy but want to do more good. But where to start? So many good causes, so little time. Don't worry, we'll do the hard work for you.

Good Fridays is a weekly email for people who want to do good but are short on time. Our team of expert advocates scour the campaigning world to find you the right deeds to do, then send them to you every Friday.

You work hard all week. Cap it off with one good deed on Friday, then go enjoy your weekend. That's what Good Fridays is all about. We come together to make a real difference then get on with the good times!

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We send you curated campaigns every Friday

We send you curated campaigns every Friday

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Join Us!
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Everyone joins in!

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We influence power

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We change things

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Receive 1 email per week,
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“It may be as simple as a click, but online
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